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Moving [
Fri, 09 Jun 2006
I hate moving SO MUCH. I have too much stuff. The more I pack, the room continues to look like there's lots more. I didn't bring it all this year, wtf? How is there so much of it? It's hot, I don't want to pack. My dad was due at 9 to pick my stuff up tonight. I just called and said you know, this won't all fit in. And he's now coming 2 hours earlier, leaving me less time. HOW DOES THAT HELP? He's coming back tomorrow. There's no way I can get all this in.

I went to reception and had a go at them; the lift in my stairwell has been broken for most of the year. And they didn't fix it. I want to use the bloody trolleys, I do not want to have to carry all this stuff piece by piece b/c my dad has a habit of parking on the far side of campus. They said they'd open the fire door between our flat and kings, b/c my halls are on a slope, I'm on floor 1, kings is on ground, so this would aid the trolley thing. If not, you know those green emergency door release things? That say break glass to open door? If I just did that b/c I don't care any more, would that set the fire alarm off? B/c this is Roehampton, them saying they might probably either means no or they'll forget.

I am seriously considering just paying a moving company to do it all moving into the flat next time I move, in about 2 months (probably- haven't found it yet.) This is dumb as it's obviously not a lot, but it damn well looks like a lot and I just...ugh. Why can't I just burn everything?!?

(I'm due out tomorrow at 10am. I can't procrastinate this as much as I really, really wish I could.)
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Revision. And then more. [
Fri, 26 May 2006
I think my health lecturer, boring as she seems, may actually have a sense of humour. I am going through recommended articles desperately as her lecture notes are so poor it's unbelievable, she puts up a load of diagrams then makes sure to talk in monotone for two hours so you come out none the wiser as you fall asleep. I have actually fully fallen asleep in her class once.

Articles I'm using on trauma appear to all want to be about the London bombings. Other titles include "Is smoking really killing anybody?" Which is one she went on about in class, basically b/c she smokes, and case study of pain treatment in severe burns; I don't have to use this but gem is; apparently it's full of stuff about how people were screaming and begging to die. Lovely.

Also, a very major book I need - Not in public libraries either Havering or Wandsworth, and the uni has two copies- one is out, the other is in the short loan collection, but I bet if I waste time going there, it won't be, because the uni will have "lost" it as they seem to so many books I need. Or they will blame flooding, that happened last year. Or something.

And as I have been working all day, my cat has proceeded to go between sitting by me, climbing on me until I push her off, then laying by me giving me her best "stupid human" look.

So, anyone with notes to help towards essays (for unrevealed exams, so very broadly) on cognition, emotion and post-traumatic stress (from a health psych perspective preferably, but I can still use it...) or Steven Johnson's Character styles for CTR2, much appreciated. Got all my other ones covered. (Obviously, I have the actual lecture notes from the course myself, in case revising is frying your brain.) I remain jealous of everyone whose uni spreads out their exams like woah, because my uni always has them all one day after another somehow. Then kicks you out of halls, so you have to worry about moving the same time.

11 days and I shall be free! (well, apart from the worrying post exams, but feh.)
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I wish your body was not so warm to me... [
Thu, 25 May 2006
Dear anyone who ever told me things can get better: You underestimate my ability to further complicate my life constantly.

I am so confused. Just, generally. About almost everything.

That's it.
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